We are passionate about creating healthy environments for all people, through our Bristol Whole Life Approach. No matter who you are, or whatever you circumstances, we believe that our methods can help, not only people living with cancer, but everyone’s day-to-day life.

Creating healthy schools, workplaces and cities is a key factor of keeping cancer in its place and living as well as possible, for as long as possible. We work in lots of different ways, through our employee wellbeing programme and fundraising efforts, to help inform the wider community about the benefits of the Bristol Whole Life Approach. Read on to find out more.

Get your school involved

Our work with schools comes mostly through our Fundraising Team. By taking part in our different Fundraising activities it introduces young people to the Bristol Whole Life Approach to healthy living in a fun and engaging way. They could take part in our Bake a Difference campaign, hold a PJ Day, have a Picnic for Penny – or come up with an idea of their own.

If your school is interested in taking part in a fundraising event, a member of our team can come and give a talk about the Bristol Whole Life Approach and how it can benefit young and old alike.

To find out more about our fundraising events, click here.

We are passionate about sharing our expertise and understanding, from working with thousands of people living with cancer, with organisations who care about employee wellbeing.

Our employee wellbeing programme helps you and your staff teams find a greater sense of balance and resilience through a range of wellbeing activities designed to recharge and reinvigorate both mind and body, whilst reducing stress.

We can show you how to take the principles of our Bristol Whole Life Approach into everyday life, improving productivity, reducing stress and improving work/life balance. We work with a range of organisations from corporates and social enterprises to charities to create wellbeing days tailored specifically to the needs of each organisation.

Since it’s beginnings, we have been involved in Bristol’s Healthy City Week programme. The festival is set to create and deepen conversations around some of the major health and sustainability challenges that are faced not just in Bristol, but across the country.

It is organised by Bristol Green Capital Partnership and is supported by Bristol Health Partners, which brings together the city’s major health institutions.

The Bristol Whole Life Approach not only tackles the difficulties of living well and taking care of our bodies, but also looking after our mind and emotions. We have taken part in the event to help towards creating a healthier city, for all to enjoy. Keep an eye out for more events in and around the city.

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