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“Penny Brohn taught me how to slow down, to live in the moment, and how not to rush back to whatever this normal was that I was chasing”
– Kate

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Location: National Centre

9.30am – 4pm at our National Centre outside Bristol

This short course introduces you to the basics of our Bristol Whole Life Approach and how it can help you.

It includes taster sessions, and a chance to ask questions to experts who understand what you’re going through. You’ll learn simple relaxation techniques, discover how food can help you on a daily basis and find out the real benefits of exercise for people living with cancer.

We’ll also teach you about your immune system and how it works to detect and destroy cancer cells in your body.

And we’ll explore some of the science behind how our minds and bodies are connected and support each other, alongside our emotions and our deepest sense of who we are.

The Introduction Day gives a taste of what it’s like to be at our National Centre, share with others and discover how you can support your own health and wellbeing. Lunch and healthy snacks included.

Book online or call 0303 3000 118 and press 2 for Bookings.

We also run introductory events across the UK.