Last year over 400 walkers took part in Stomp, a six-mile sponsored walk in aid of Penny Brohn UK. Stomp is back for 2019 and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Six Stompers, who took part last year and are taking part again this year, tell their story.


“My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma in January 2017 and my family used Penny Brohn UK’s services to come to terms with her illness. Raising money for charities close to our hearts, like Penny Brohn UK, became our collective coping mechanism and Stomp was something that my mum and her friends could easily get involved in.

“We took part in the first Stomp in 2017. My mum, auntie, cousins, friends and friends of friends all walked together. Even Daisy the dog joined us! Some of our group found it more challenging than they expected but nonetheless felt brilliant for completing it and raising money for a great local cause. Whatever the weather, Stomp is a great excuse to catch up with old friends, make new ones or mindfully take in the sights.

“We took part in Stomp again last year, but my mum wasn’t well enough to do the walk herself and she sadly passed away in February. We will be taking part again in Stomp this year and know we will make mum proud.”


“I signed up for Stomp at the last minute last year. I had had surgery a few months earlier and wasn’t sure if I was ready. But a week before the walk, my friend Niki said she was taking part and she had had surgery even more recently. I started thinking that if Niki could do it so soon then I would give it a go too!

“On the walk I started with Niki and was joined by my very close friend Alison who supported me through my cancer journey. I absolutely loved Stomp! It gave me renewed energy that I hadn’t realised I had. I found it so emotional and uplifting. The route was beautiful and was a real community event with everyone encouraging each other, full of enthusiasm and sense of achievement.

My friends, family and customers from work sponsored me and I still have my certificate proudly displayed! This year, I’m encouraging more of my friends and family to take part. I think I will even bring my dog!”



“As one of Penny Brohn UK’s newer trustees I heard about the event through our board meetings. I am a keen walker and wanted to experience Stomp for myself as well as raise vital funds for Penny Brohn UK to support more people affected by cancer who need and want our help.

“My birthday is in October so I asked my friends and family to sponsor me rather than give me presents. At one point I was the highest fundraiser!

“It was great to be part of such a big event and experience it for myself and raise much needed funds in the process. It was great to see so many families walking together. At one point the centre of Bristol was a sea of purple! I loved the fresh air and the scenery as we went under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and along the gorge.

“I walked with another trustee, Kate, and her father and his dog. We met so many people along the route; some were currently going through cancer treatment. As a cancer nurse I was able to support them to talk about what they were experiencing; whilst Kate was able to share her own personal experience.

“I loved Stomp! One week later I registered for Stomp 2019!  And this year my husband will be walking with me.”


“In March last year I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Follicular Lymphoma. Both my friend and my wonderful consultant recommended that I get in touch with Penny Brohn UK. I now visit the National Centre for support at least twice a month.

“I heard about Stomp from one of my friends and decided to take part as I wanted to make more people who are living with cancer aware of Penny Brohn UK and the support it provides. I also wanted to give something back to the charity. I couldn’t have coped as well as I have without the support that Penny Brohn has given me and my husband. From the moment I walked through the doors at the National Centre I was welcomed and felt at such ease. I immediately made a connection with one of the volunteers who is living with the same cancer as me.

“Stomp was also a great fitness opportunity for me! I walked with my five year old son Bertie, my mother-in-law, my wonderful best friend and her five year old and my sisters and their children. They found it a great way to support me and raise money for a charity that has helped me massively.

“We loved every part of Stomp! The warm up was such good fun and got everyone in good spirits. The atmosphere was fantastic; everyone was talking to each other. It was emotional and very moving and made me realise how lucky I am to have Penny Brohn on my doorstep. The children were amazing and didn’t once complain that they were tired. They brought so much laughter to the walk and made it even more interesting. They loved splashing in a few muddy puddles along the way!

“This year we will be doing it all again and my husband and three year old will joining us!”

“I came all the way from Hampshire to take part in Stomp last year. My sister volunteers at Penny Brohn UK and I wanted to support the charity’s wonderful work after they supported my family when my brother-in-law had blood cancer. The holistic approach to help him and his immediate family cope throughout his treatment was a lifeline and offered a safe and supportive environment to discuss and address concerns.

“Two of my friends joined me and we had great fun. Stomp was inclusive and well organised at every stage. We loved the drummers at the start and appreciated all the wonderful volunteers along the route. The farmers market with all the food and refreshments at the National Centre at the finish were very welcome!

“Stomp was a gentle, scenic hike along the Avon gorge raising valuable funds to allow Penny Brohn UK to continue to support people affected by cancer and their families with an approach that goes beyond their medical needs. I will definitely be doing Stomp again this year!”


“This will be my third year of taking part in Stomp. I took part in 2017 with my family and we loved it, the whole experience was a lovely day out. 2018 was even better and again we thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Being able to finish at the National Centre and see the support and care that is given to individuals is heart-warming. As a family we used the services at Penny Brohn UK and the staff and surroundings makes it what it is. My grandmother and grandfather had cancer and Penny Brohn was there for our family and provided care, support and love. As a family we decided we wanted to give something back and signed ourselves up to Stomp. We are so glad we did as it was a nice way to remember and reflect and share stories and experiences with other people.

“Stomp was a lovely, easily accessible and fun event for everyone. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, meeting new people, having a laugh and enjoying the laid back atmosphere. It was a beautiful walk to do, with lots of lovely scenery to look at and plenty of photo opportunities. It’s great to be able to do it at your own pace.

“We’re looking forward to 2019!”