You can listen again here to Sophie Sabbage and Dr Catherine Zollman speaking on the BBC Radio Bristol Phil Hammond Show today, Saturday 3 March.

Inspirational cancer patient Sophie Sabbage, who became an author, speaker and patient activist to support others facing the disease, is hosting an uplifting talk and workshop at our National Centre on Tuesday, March 6.

Sophie, dubbed The Cancer Whisperer, lives by the words:

“I have cancer – cancer does not have me.”

The wife and mum was lying in bed when she felt a sharp pain in her back in 2014. The pain was from a tumour pressing on her lung. She was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer with a poor prognosis.

Among other things, this experience spurred Sophie to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Her best-selling book, The Cancer Whisperer, has motivated thousands worldwide to take charge of their health by listening to their illness instead of going to “war” with it (the metaphor often applied to cancer).

Sophie hosts the event alongside our medical director and Bristol GP of over 20 years, Catherine Zollman.

It includes:

2pm-5pm – Patient Power workshop with Sophie and Catherine
5pm-6pm – book signing (for those not staying for the evening)
6pm-7.30pm – talk and Q&A
7.30pm-8.15pm – book signing and sale

Suggested donation: workshop £25. Talk and book signing £10.

To attend or for more information, call 0303 3000 118, email  For more on Sophie and her mission, visit

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