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Self-Care Week 2017: Embracing Self Care for Life

Looking after yourself both physically and mentally is important because it allows you take control of your health and help keep your life in balance. To mark Self Care Week (13th-19th November 2017) we want to provide you with some tips on how to make self-care part of your regular routine and make it a life-long habit.

Take time for yourself

It is really easy to dismiss the importance of personal time, but taking time out of each day to do something you enjoy can be really beneficial for your emotional well-being. The challenge in taking care of ourselves is that we often feel guilty about it and we really shouldn’t. Give yourself permission to take 30 minutes out of your day, to read, exercise, or engage in a creative hobby. This will help you feel recharged and refreshed.

Caring for yourself, mentally and physically

Taking care of yourself physically means getting good amount of sleep and rest every night and taking some exercise a couple of times a week. It also means eating and preparing wholesome and nutritious meals. This is going to optimise your energy levels and it means that you will have more energy for yourself and your loved ones.

Strengthen your spiritual connection

A spiritual connection does not necessarily have to be religious. Your spirituality is something that is personal to you.  It is about connecting to your centre. Strengthening your spiritual connection will help relieve feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation. You can achieve spiritual self-care through yoga, meditation, donating your time to a worthy cause, or even going to a football match with your friends.

Challenge yourself mentally

Trying new activities or taking up new hobbies can be a great way to mentally stimulate and challenge yourself. Sticking to things that we are familiar with can be repetitive and lead to boredom. You could start a blog or join an arts and crafts class.

Nurture your relationships

Spending time with people that uplift you and support you is a great way to look after your social self-care. Volunteering or signing up to classes or community groups can help you find new friends, where you may be able create new meaningful connections.

You may find it useful to track your overall health and wellbeing with our Health and Wellbeing Wheel below. It will help you identify areas which need attention or where you may need some support. Click on the Wheel to download.

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