Would you give your last #RoundPound to help someone live well with cancer?

From 16th October this year, you’ll no longer be able to spend the old round pound coin at any shop or eatery. This gives you just one month to spend, bank, or donate them!

Do you still have the odd £1 round pound lying about, or a huge stash, hidden away for a rainy day? We’re asking if, instead of letting all that cash go to waste, you would donate your last round pounds to help someone living with cancer to live as well as possible, for as long as possible.

You can donate your round pounds in different ways…

  • Look out for our #RoundPound purple piggy banks around the National Centre!
  • Text RPPB99 £1 to 70070
  • Donate online
  • Call 01275 370 073

Every old round pound you donate will help to change the life of someone living with cancer.
Don’t forget to share your #RoundPound donation on social media to encourage others to get involved!

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