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Research suggesting ‘morning people’ have lower risk of breast cancer

Research from the University of Bristol has suggested that women whose body clocks meant they are ‘morning people’ have a lower risk of breast cancer.

But the reason why still needs to be uncovered.

Experts said that the study presented at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow added to a growing understanding of the importance of sleep in all health.

This new research shows how our underlying body clock rhythms predict incidence of breast cancer.  It indicates that getting a good night’s sleep, and fitting in with your normal routine and activities needs is important in terms of our overall health.  Part of Penny Brohn UK’s holistic approach enables people to look after themselves, to enable good quality sleep no matter what their natural body clock pattern.

Penny Brohn UK attended the high level NCRI conference and were pleased to present two academic posters about our research about the positive benefits of our self-management and counselling support.

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