Dr Rupy has been helping everyone live happier, healthier lives using food and lifestyle medicine. We’re thrilled to be working with Dr Rupy again and this time you’re invited!

You’re invited to star in a short video with Dr Rupy and learn how to prepare one of the dishes from his cookbook, Eat to Beat Illness. All you need to do is let us know if you’d like to take up this exciting opportunity and that you’re able to travel to West London on Wednesday 22 April.

You can listen to The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast here or take a look at his Instagram account for short videos and inspiration for delicious and nutritious meals.

Let us know you’d like to star in one of the videos on comms@pennybrohn.org.uk by Saturday 29 February 2020. If you’d like to chat to someone about what you’ll be doing don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.

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