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Generous donation from Powell Lodge

On the 3rd of July Penny Brohn UK’s Andrew Hufford was delighted to meet with Paul Wong and Alan Reed from the Powell Masonic Lodge. The lodge made a generous donation of £4,450 in support of Paul, who was diagnosed with an exceedingly rare form of Kidney cancer on his 25th birthday in 2017.

Paul said: “Penny Brohn UK was chosen as the Worshipful Master’s Charity for his year 2019 – 2020 due to a personal connection. Paul was diagnosed in 2017 and being so far from his family and any support they could offer, he had to come to terms with his diagnosis while still working full time, only recently giving up the responsibilities at work.

As the exact condition he has is extremely rare, there has also been significant uncertainty about possible treatment plans and prognosis. A wife of one of the members is a specialist cancer nurse and suggested that Paul get in touch with Penny Brohn UK. After discussing his ne

eds with a Penny Brohn counsellor, he took part in a residential course in January 2020.

Paul found his stay to be immensely helpful, in particular the meditation and eating well guidelines and is hoping to visit again once the Centre re-opens.”

We’re incredibly appreciative for this gift from Powell Lodge and feel grateful that we met Paul and found out why Penny Brohn UK means so much to this group.

If like Paul, you would like to find out how we can support you, please  click here.

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