Penny Brohn UK has teamed up with The Bodyworks Project to offer gym based physical activity advice and programmes to people living with cancer.

The new scheme will be based at Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre and will include drop in clinics, one-to-one or paired training sessions and small group classes.

Research shows that being active before, during and after cancer treatment can help reduce fatigue, improve quality of life and reduce the risk of recurrence. It can also improve confidence and sense of control and reduce anxiety and depression.

The project is being run by personal trainer and co-founder of The Bodyworks Project, Alisa Burke, and is designed to establish a safe and effective physical activity programme that is tailored to the needs of individual at any stage of the cancer care pathway.

Alisa Burke, co-founder of The Bodyworks Project, said: “The BodyWorks Project and Penny Brohn UK have created, a welcoming inclusive and uplifting boutique gym environment for anyone undergoing cancer treatment where they can be active, get specialist advice and feel part of a supportive community. There can be huge mental and physical benefits from exercise. I look forward to bringing all my experience and learnings from working in fitness and wellbeing the last 12 years to my work at Penny Brohn UK.”

Marian Naidoo, Services Director at Penny Brohn UK, said: “At Penny Brohn UK we recognise that people affected by cancer need more than medicine to live well and empower them to have more control over their health and wellbeing. Regular physical activity provides a range of physical and mental health benefits and can help manage side effects and even reduce the risks of cancer progressing or retuning. We are delighted to be partnering with The Bodyworks Project to provide tailored exercise programmes and support to people with cancer to live well.”

Find out more about The Bodyworks Project.

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