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Penny’s Pandemicists dig deep to ensure no one faces cancer alone

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Cancer isn’t stopping and neither are we. Penny’s Pandemicists dig deep to ensure no one faces cancer alone.

Coronavirus has created a real crisis in cancer which means we are seeing more and more people seek our help and support. With no government funding and a drop in fundraising income from annual events like Long Table Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Penny Brohn Presents… we have turned to our Penny Brohn community for help. Our goal is to keep growing our online services so that every one can get support wherever they are and whenever they need it.

That’s why we asked everyone who bought tickets to our marquee events to consider donating the price of their tickets rather than requesting a refund and become part of Penny’s Pandemicists.

We have been overwhelmed by your response. Thank you for your wonderful messages of support and encouragement. Your generosity and kindness is hugely appreciated by all at Penny Brohn.

Penny Brohn Pandemists

Penny’s Pandemicists

Sarah Aldom

Samantha Almond

Pam Ambrose

Jessica Anderson

Parasto Ardalan

Nicola Armstrong

Jo Bailey

Clive Bailey

Sue Bamford

Delphine Barnes

Gaya Barnes

Katie Bickerstaffe

Anya Bigwood

Sally Bingham

Jinni Blackburn

Deborah Blake

Vanessa Bradley

Paula Bramley

Jane Brewer

Jessica Brohn

Diana Brothers

Sophie Bryant

Philippa Buchanan

Katie Burchfield

Alisa Burke

Angie Burton

Tracey Burton

Sharon Carpentieri

Judith Cashman

Joanne Cheeseman

Tracy Clark

Elaine Clayton

Annie Clough

Helen Coggins

Mark Colfer

Marion Colfer

Helen Connor

Frank Connor

Christine Cook

Lisa Cooper

Sam Cooper

Jacqui Cornman

Margaret Coster

Ruth Creton

Kate Croizat

Alicia Curnock

Amanda Darby

Geraldine Davies

Annemarie Donker May

Jennie Droy

Mark Eden

Diana Fitzwilliam

Sarah Flavell

Conchi Florencio-Garcia

Julie Ford

Ian Ford

Hilary Gardner

Jenna Gaston

Susie Gibbins

Alison Goodson

Jacqui Grace

Paivi Grigg

Janice Guy

Caroline Hagen

Sharon Hamilton-Davies

Lucy Hamilton-Davies

Jim Hanmer

Bridget Hardwick

Julia Hardwick

Rosemary Hargreaves

Angie Hart

Rachel Harvey

Julie Hayward

Liz Heaford

Joanna Hellen

Lucy Hiscocks

Judith Hood

Neil Houghton

Deborah Hubbard

Jayne Hyde

Jess Jones

Angela King

Tracy Kingdon

Victoria Knott

Joan-Ann Lammie

Jo Lee

Sarah Lillington

Dally Litt

Carmen Lovell

Richard Mannion

Sharon Mannion

Liz Marshall

Lyn Marshall

Joanna Masters

Jean May

Natasha McKenzie

Kaye Meacham

Sarah-Jane Money

Vanessa Moon

Emma Morgan

Sian Morgan

Kerim Morris

Becky Morris

Gabriele Morris

Suzie Morris

Sarah Morris-Hanmer

Jane Morrison

Rebecca Moss

Ruth Nikou

Julie O’Donnell

Pat Packham

Steve Packham

Camille Parke

Melissa Payne

Jane Peate

Michele Pople

Maggie Pownall

Paul Pownall

Caroline Pushman

Charlotte Pushman

Clare Rees

Sandy Richards

Jenny Robertson

Rosa Rosengren

Rachel Saint

Janet Sharp

Julie Sheperd

Louise Shipway

Susan Shipway

Elizabeth Silcocks

Pam Smith

Jackie Smith

Martin Smith

Alex Spencer

Dave Spencer

Anna Stafford

Karen Steven

Emma Summerfield

Michelle Taylor

Jules Taylor

Lindsay Telling

Vicky Thomas

Carol Trochi

Claire Turley

Bex Upton

Andrea Van-de-Velde

Susanna Wadeson Odell

Ruth Wakefield

Sue Walker

Elizabeth Wallace

Mark Wallace

Anna Warsop

Susan Waters

Fiona Wickham

Robert Williams

Elaine Williams

Pete Williams

Eileen Williams

Sian Williams

Jackie Wilson

Bee Woolley

Helen Wysocki

Thank you for being part of the Penny Brohn family.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to the marquee next year. We hope to be back bigger and better than ever!

Doreen Doreen

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