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It’s getting closer to the big day. You might have family arriving, or still need to buy your Christmas gifts. It’s hard to ask for a little help – even when we’re feeling healthy. When we’re unwell it can be even more difficult to explain how we are feeling to each and every loved one that asks us.

Today, our Christmas gift to you is an introduction to nomoregrapes. We have teamed up with them to help provide a way for you to connect with the friends and family you would like to have around you, to help out and provide support whilst you are ill or in recovery.

Nicky ‘Mossy’ Read, wife of Ian, mother of Jimmy and a teacher, lived with cancer for 7 years. The question: “What can I do to help?” was always being asked of her by family and friends. Nicky recognised that the sentiment was genuine, but her response could be vague. From this nomoregrapes was born.

The website is an invite-only social media platform, similar to Facebook and other social media sites, where people diagnosed with cancer can update a trusted circle of friends and family, without having to repeat themselves on countless occasions. You can post hospital appointments onto a calendar, as well as requests for help and messages to a page, without broadcasting personal thoughts to the world of Facebook.

The platform also offers an online shop of practical gifts, from which someone using nomoregrapes can create a wish list. This way they are not bombarded with flowers and have things such as a house cleaning session, or skincare pack, which could help them through treatment.

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