Today (1st August) we launch our 12 month awareness campaign Bring Colour to Cancer.

Each month we’ll be focusing on a type of cancer, giving you information about the symptoms and treatment and where to turn to for more support. Throughout the year we will look at events that you could attend and ways in which the Bristol Whole Life Approach can help you.

Alongside our awareness campaign we are launching a mindful colouring campaign. Mindful colouring helps you find focus and calm and allows you to live more fully in the present moment. As part of our Bring Colour to Cancer campaign we’re encouraging you to practise mindfulness through colouring.

For a suggested donation of just £5 per month we’ll send you a specially designed colouring-in postcard for up to 12 months. You can sign up here.

#morethanmedicine #bringcolourtocancer

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