Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Cancer charities join together to raise awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Men get breast cancer too is such a crucial message. Giving men the confidence to speak up and find support is vital in the help to save more lives. We are thrilled to be partnering with Walk and Walk and all other partner charities to raise awareness of breast cancer in men. Penny Brohn UK is welcoming a growing number of men seeking emotional and practical support to help them live well with cancer. Anything we can do to encourage more men to check their chest and to seek help is invaluable." Andrew Hufford, Commercial Director, Penny Brohn UK

Penny Brohn UK has joined a global group of charities brought together by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too.  Together our goal is to reach millions of people across the world with the aim of saving lives.

Cancer charities from all over the UK have committed to supporting Walk the Walk’s campaign. These include Maggie’s Centres, Tenovus Cancer Care, FACT (Fighting All Cancers Together), Action Cancer, CoppaFeel, Breast Cancer Now, Breast Cancer Haven, Make 2nds Count, Breast Cancer UK and Penny Brohn UK. The collaboration also includes the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, an American awareness and campaigning charity.

In 2017, Walk the Walk recognised that there was very little awareness of male breast cancer and with the support of twenty four men diagnosed with the disease, launched the Men Get Breast Cancer Too! campaign.

Over the last three years the campaign has gone from strength to strength, with the six men becoming nineteen. As the charities come together, the men’s voices will be heard even louder.

“It is an absolute privilege to work with these incredibly brave men, who have found the courage to speak out, with the hope that it will save lives. Their voice can be so much stronger if charities come together on this, and to see such a collaboration between charities is such a positive message in these challenging times.” Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk

Check your chest

The Facts...

  • There is currently very little research, and no routine screening specifically for men, so most male breast cancers are found by self-checking their chest, or just noticing changes.
  • Male breast cancer affects between 370 – 400 men a year, however over 80 men a year die from breast cancer due to not knowing men can get this type of cancer, and not doing regular checks.
  • Breast cancer usually affects men aged 50 and over, but it can be found in men of any age.

Check your Chest!

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Male Breast Cancer Poster


UK Monthly Virtual Meet-up

Walk the Walk is very excited to be partners in an initiative with DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY and the MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION.

A fantastic opportunity for men who have had breast cancer to “meet” and talk about things that are important and unique to them. This resource is peer-led, run by and for men affected by breast cancer - for further information email

The Virtual Meet Up on the fourth Thursday of every month at 7pm (UK Time).

What a wonderful thing to do! Cancer charities are getting together to help raise awareness for Men Get Breast Cancer Too! Read about the support and advice they can provide here…

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