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Integrative Whole Person Oncology Care in the UK

We are delighted to share this new article about Integrative Whole Person Oncology Care in the UK. Written by our Medical Director, Catherine Zollman, together with Axel Walther, Helen E. Seers, Rachel C Joliffe and Marie J Polley, it was recently published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI Volume 2017, Issue 52 November 2017).

Whole person cancer care

The article looks at “whole person cancer care” and how approaches like our Bristol Whole Life Approach are changing cancer care by addressing the needs of the person as well as treating the disease.

UK oncology services are starting to be influenced from three sides; first, by well-developed and more holistic palliative care services; second, by directives from central government via the sustainable health care agenda; and third, by increasing pressure from patient-led groups and cancer charities like Penny Brohn UK.

You can read the whole article here



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