For 40 years Penny Brohn UK has taken an integrated whole person approach to cancer support using evidence-based therapies that work alongside standard medical treatment. Eating well is one of the most important ways we can support our health and recovery.

Drawing on our experience of working with people affected by cancer, we’re excited to introduce a new comprehensive three-day course, Applying Integrative Nutritional Support in Cancer, designed to prepare registered Nutritional Therapists to work safely and effectively to support their clients at any stage of their cancer experience.

This course, running from Thursday 24 September to Saturday 26 September, is for qualified practitioners looking to work in an integrated and holistic way that complements patients’ medical treatment.

The course will cover:

·         Pathology, hallmarks and prevailing theories of cancer

·         Conventional oncology approaches and treatments

·         Evidence for the role of diet and nutrition in cancer, and the scope of nutritional therapy practice

·         Common dietary controversies and myths in cancer

·         Our unique framework for developing personalised, integrative nutrition plans to use before, during and after treatment

·         Practical examples and real-life case studies including input from Penny Brohn UK staff and clients

·         The role of nutrition within a whole person approach aimed at optimising resilience.

What you will get from the course:

·         Increased confidence to support cancer clients safely and effectively

·         Opportunity to learn from people living with cancer and a range of healthcare professionals

·         Practical toolkit of resources including guidance on testing and safe supplement use

·         Experiences of other self-help techniques used within the Penny Brohn UK model (e.g. relaxation, mindfulness) – good for your own resilience too!

·         Option to become a Penny Brohn UK Associate Nutritional Therapist

·         Opportunities to access further training in specialist cancer-related topics.

Course fees: 

Early bird (before 1 June) – £500 incl VAT
From 1 June – £600 incl VAT

If you’re a qualified practitioner and would like to increase your knowledge and experience in working with people affected by cancer save the date for this essential course. Bookings will open 6 April 2020. Find out more about this course here.

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