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Congratulations to Catherine

Our senior clinical lead Dr Catherine Zollman has won back-to-back awards and showcased our work on the international stage.

Dr Catherine ZollmanDr Catherine Zollman, who has worked at Penny Brohn for eight years, received an Association for Research on Integrated Oncology Therapies’ (ARTOI) oncology award, at their 7th annual conference in Milan. Representing the UK, Dr Zollman who is also a GP of 19 years, presented our work to American, German, South Korean, Argentinian, Israeli and Italian peers among others in July.

Catherine has also just become an Honorary Fellow of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine. She was bestowed the title, for significant contributions to complementary medicine research, alongside revered Government advisor Prof Mike Saks at their London conference in September.

She said:
“ I was delighted to showcase our unique services, particularly how we help people assess their own individual needs for holistic support. I’m delighted that my presentation sparked initiatives for international collaboration using our Whole Person Model.”

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