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Community support during coronavirus pandemic

The Penny Brohn UK Community Engagement team are continuing to work in supporting Bristol Communities during this current coronavirus pandemic.

The team have now established active partnerships with other Community Organisations as part of a ‘hubs’ approach adopted by Bristol City Council and coordinated by Asher Craig and Andy Street (Bristol City Council Deputy Mayors office).

Humanitarian Bristol is a hub pioneered by Penny Brohn UK’s  Anira Khokhar that has been set up in partnership with the following local community organisations We Care, Baraka Café, Somali Kitchen, Shahjalal Mosque Women’s group, as well as connecting with other ‘hubs’ working in a similar way within the Bristol City Council hub network .

Humanitarian Bristol is a digital ‘platform’ that is being used as a means of identifying those in need of help and support particularly the most vulnerable members of the community. Partner community organisations working together will then be able to respond to requests through their hub. Specific signposting will enable more specialist support to be directed to organisations that can offer help via their expertise such as Penny Brohn UK. The Hub will also provide practical support to any members of the community who can request specific help and support needed.

The initiative is currently providing food parcels that use Penny Brohn UK recipes to people that cannot leave their homes, or are at more risk of becoming seriously unwell with coronavirus. The response has been amazing:

We are proud to be active on the ground within these communities as part of these local networks. The team are playing an active role with this consortium of hubs to form a collective foundation of support for our local areas in Bristol.

The aim of Humanitarian Bristol Hub will be to support local communities by:

  • Cook meals and distribute these to the elderly, financially struggling families, particularly vulnerable people.
  • Offer advice or signposting to those in the community who are at a higher risk of contracting covid-19
  • Provide appropriate advice and support via signposting for those who are ‘shielding’ others.
  • Deliver any necessities to people who need it the most (such as picking up groceries – click and collects for the elderly and leaving these in a safe place for them to collect)
  • Exchange any knowledge and other digital platforms to contact for further support concerning the impact of Coronavirus.
  • Enable access to resources that others may not have – e.g. If someone has no Calpol and in desperate need then the hub would be a great place to ask and someone may know someone who has a spare bottle.
  • Share recipes to make nutritional meals that will use little ingredients, and last longer on an affordable budget.
  • Inspire one another through online co-productive empowerment and support.
  • Support each other by staying connected through this testing time.
  • Network, signpost, and share content which is beneficial for all communities from organisations, groups, and establishments.

Humanitarian Bristol is hub is working with We Care, Barakha Café, Nandos, Bestway’s, Raja Foodstores, Lidl, The Local, Chaudhry Halal Meat & Fish Centre, Novotel, Istanbul Supermarket and Greggs ,Novotel, Istanbul Supermarket among others who wish to be involved in order to feed children and families and vulnerable adults  in Bristol.

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