candle.152229[1]In these winter evenings a candle can be an inspirational focus – a reminder that even in dark times there is light, whilst also symbolising both our own inner flame and the magical element of the season. Finding quiet stillness in the candle light can bring a true sense of peace and by keeping your eyes open you may find it easier to remain present in the moment.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes or so. You might want to turn off all other lights for this time. Put the candle in a safe place in front of you and set your intention to meditate as you light it. Now take your 3 changing breaths by breathing in deeply through the nose and exhaling with a sigh, letting yourself feel the change in pace.

Allow your breath to settle into its natural pattern as you relax into simply being.

Let your eyes gently come to rest on the candle with a soft gaze. Take a few moments to just sit with what you see. Gradually extend your observations- notice how the flame wavers, observe the changing colour of the wax and the glow of light with a sense of acceptance. When your mind wanders into other thoughts, or begins to analyse, return your focus gently to watching.

After some minutes you may wish to close your eyes and try to see it in your minds eye, experiencing the flame within yourself and feeling the warmth of the inner glow.

When you feel ready to bring your meditation to a close, take a changing breath, gathering into yourself the experience of this moment. Become conscious of your seated body, noticing how you feel. Note your surroundings and slowly bring some movement back to your fingers and toes. It may be useful to take a sip of water at this point before continuing on with your day.

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