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Cancer Survivor Runs Virtual London Marathon in Memory of Friend

Sarah Bird, from Bedminster, is running this year’s London Marathon for leading cancer charity, Penny Brohn UK, in memory of her friend, Chris, who died aged 48 of a brain tumour, and who said that in her next life she would like to run a marathon.

This year, due to COVID-19, the London Marathon is going to be run virtually, all over the globe, on Sunday 4th October. With the help of friends, Sarah is aiming to run around Bristol Harbourside - somewhere between 8 and 9 long, long loops.

Sarah explains, “Chris inspired many people during her short life, including me. She had the most powerful and encouraging "Yesssssss" I have ever encountered. I will try to run these 26.2 miles in her memory, in solidarity with all that she held dear. She was damn good company, so I'm sincerely hoping that she is going to be with me in spirit.

Both Chris and I enjoyed the invaluable support of Penny Brohn UK (I was diagnosed with breast cancer just months after her death). The people and services offered by Penny Brohn are a lifeline to many people who are living with curable and incurable cancers. It offers practical, emotional, social and spiritual support, to improve quality of life and to manage the fear and uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis often brings.

My main memory of Penny Brohn is of being held in gentle warmth, surrounded by care, being fed delicious food and offered practical help and counselling as I slowly came to terms with the reality of being a cancer patient.

Penny Brohn is an absolute lifeline, giving us a sense of power and some control over our lives, instead of the helplessness that constant hospital visits can bring. I have now been free of cancer for almost 5 years, but still use Penny Brohn’s services.

All Penny Brohn's services are offered free. To do this, they need money - please support my (and Chris's) run and offer what you can.

With 40 years’ experience, Penny Brohn UK recognises that people with cancer need more than medicine. Its whole person approach offers personalised care from the point of a cancer diagnosis into treatment and throughout survivorship. Exploring areas like diet, exercise, emotions, relationships and managing stress, our free courses, one-to-one therapies, and group sessions, work alongside standard medical treatment to achieve the best health and wellbeing by supporting the holistic needs - psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical - of people affected by cancer.

You can help Sarah get to her target of raising £5000 for Penny Brohn UK; to sponsor Sarah visit

For further information about Penny Brohn UK visit

Tracy Tait
Brand and Marketing Director

Sarah training at Bristol Harbour
Sarah in front of the Matthew
Sarah and Chris

About Penny Brohn UK (formerly Penny Brohn Cancer Care)

Penny Brohn UK is the leading charity in the UK to take an integrated and whole person approach to cancer support, recognising that people need more than medicine to live well with the disease.

We see each person as a unique individual with their own set of hopes and needs – a whole person made up of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Our approach to cancer helps people feel empowered to reclaim control of our health; to recover what it was that made them feel whole in the first place; and to rediscover the joy of living. To turn a potentially devastating diagnosis into a powerful life-changing experience.

When face to face services were suspended due to the coronavirus we launched a programme of remote services that are available to anyone living with cancer as well as those that care for them. Exploring areas like diet, exercise, emotions, anxiety and managing stress, these group sessions are delivered online using Zoom. To find out more go to

Call 0303 3000 118 or email and 1:1 consultations with integrative doctors, counsellors, and nutritional, exercise and complementary therapists. All our services aim to work alongside standard medical treatment to achieve the best health and wellbeing by supporting the holistic needs - psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical - of people affected by cancer.

Penny Brohn UK is a registered charity and relies overwhelmingly on public generosity to run its services. To make a donation to Penny Brohn UK go to

For more information email  or visit

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