The University of Bristol is holding a study day on Monday 7 October for their 2nd year medical students and would like to invite you to share your experience.

The session will run from 14.50-16.20 in the Ivy Gate but you are welcome to attend other parts of the day. Topics included an introduction to cancer, causes, diagnosis of tumours, treatment of cancer and a theatrical performance.

In the afternoon, the students will be seated at tables of 12, and you’ll rotate between the tables, answering students’ questions and sharing your perspective of what it is like living with cancer.

These are the doctors of the future and it’s a great opportunity to inspire them about the great work that Penny Brohn UK does in terms of increasing people’s resilience and ability to live well with and beyond cancer.

Supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you’re interested, please contact Stacey Taylor on

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