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Braving the bungee for Bungee the Boss

Brave bosses and staff will be at the business end of a 160ft bungee jump to raise around £20,000 to help people living with cancer.

Over 30 managers and employees are braving a second Bungee the Boss over water at Lloyds Amphitheatre – double last year’s daredevils. And this year, it doesn’t have to be your boss – anyone from your team can jump.

People are nominating and raising £500 to see their colleagues reach new heights on Friday, June 16.

Our staff have nominated finance director, Jayne Tucker to jump and, with a gulp, she accepted.

If you would like to join Jayne and jump, there is still time to get involved, so call 0303 3000 118, email or visit

Bringing bungee back to Bristol

The charity chose bungee because the first modern one was off Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge on April 1, 1979 – the same year charity co-founder Penny Brohn was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jumpers David Kirke and Simon Keeling were arrested shortly after, but continued to bungee off the Golden Gate and Royal Gorge bridges, spreading the concept worldwide.

“We’re proud to be a Bristol charity and knew that bungee was part of the city’s rich history, so devised something to help bring it home.” – Jamie Bramhall


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