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New Booking System Launched 1st March 2022

Booking System

We are excited to announce that our new online booking system is live.

This makes it easier to register and manage your bookings. You will can book multiple sessions and receive reminders a day before the session. Read our booking guide if you need help with registering and booking online sessions. Your feedback on the new booking system is important to us, please complete our feedback form.

You will now be able to book directly from the page describing each service. You can find all our courses and other services under ‘Support for you’ on our main navigation page at

If you have recently registered for any online groups and courses, as a registered client, you will still be able to access those using the zoom link previously provided to you. However, if you wish to attend any new online group or session, you will need to fill in our new online booking registration form.

You will need to complete the new registration form just once when you will set a password and provide a unique Username (your email address). Any future bookings can be made using your Username and password.

We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions, which you may find useful.

If you experience difficulty booking online, you can still book your courses or appointments by calling 0303 3000 118  or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

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