Join Alisa’s June challenge

Join Alisa for a different fitness or self-care activity each day in June. Make a donation to ensure that someone with cancer gets the help they need to take back control of their health and wellbeing.

We’re in this together
The impact of coronavirus on all our lives is huge. But for those living with cancer, many of whom are shielding, the stress caused by so many unknowns makes it really difficult to manage emotions like fear and anxiety and their impact on our health and wellbeing. Finding simple ways to relax, eat well, be active and connect with others can make such a difference to our resilience and how we cope day to day.

We’ve got this
New remote services for Nutrition, Doctor Advice, Counselling, Relaxation, Dance, Yoga, Stretch and Strength and Stamina Exercise sessions are now online, and although we all miss the face to face interactions, we are continuing to be there for people with cancer.

More about Alisa
Alisa is passionate about keeping people active and well. She runs Bodyworks, and in collaboration with Penny Brohn, uses her expertise to provide exercise classes and physical activity advice for people living with cancer. This is why Alisa is fundraising for Penny Brohn UK this month by committing to a month of a different fitness or self-care challenge each day in her June challenge.

Alisa hopes that by posting each day’s fitness and wellbeing challenge she can also help to motivate and inspire people to keep physically active and find ways to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

Get involved today…
Penny Brohn UK provides services to anyone with a cancer diagnosis and their supporters no matter their circumstances so that they can live as well as possible. Like many charities right now, raising the money we need to keep our services going is really tough. Join Alisa for 30 days of fitness and self-care and make a donation so that people with cancer get the help they need today and in the future.

To find out more about how to get involved email You can  and check out Alisa’s JustGiving page here

Check out Alisa’s stretch and relax and strength and stamina weekly sessions on our remote services page here.

Find out more about The BodyWorks Project here

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