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365 Days of Messages

365 Days of Messages

In February 2018 I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Breast Cancer. It was a shock to me and totally unexpected, but it also shocked those I loved too. After surgery my house soon became a florist and full of cards with touching messages. Sadly after a time the flowers died and the cards were put in a drawer – I continued to read them from time to time when I felt low and it made me want to help others who were going through troubling times just as I had.


Don't be kind for 1 day, be kind for 365.

365 Days Of Messages is a daily message service set up by Deborah Fielding.

In 2018, Deborah was diagnosed with breast cancer, just like 150 women in the UK are every single day.

What quickly became clear to her was the size of the battle she was facing, both physically and mentally. She also knew often family and friends don’t know what to say or how to help – she received plenty of bunches of flowers, but precious little in the way of genuine, solid help to get through the mental challenges that cancer poses.

As Deborah started to come through treatment, she made the decision to do something to help people who were going through the same battles and challenges with a cancer diagnosis and also to help people that were struggling with their mental wellbeing.

On the final day of her chemotherapy treatment, she launched 365 Days of Messages – from the hospital! This is a year-long service that sends a daily message to someone fighting a diagnosis or battling with their mental wellbeing through the general fatigue of life.

Each message has been crafted by Deborah personally, all with the aim of supporting, encouraging and inspiring people during the most difficult times of life.

For us, it really is win-win; a hugely valuable service that helps cancer patients during a really tough time, and a significant donation for every sale too.

If you know someone who’d benefit from 365 Days Of Messages, all you need to do is click here, fill in a few details and the service will begin – and remember to choose Penny Brohn UK in the drop-down menu to receive it free!

Here’s a review of exactly how impactful the service can be:

“I first found my breast lump during a pilates class. I needed intensive chemotherapy as well as surgery and radiation and course of 18 Herceptin. My memories of that year in my life are of anxiety.

I was at a very low ebb at this stage and my family and husband weren't sure how we could overcome this, as all of us were flailing around trying to make sense of this terrible period in our lives. I immediately liked Deborah's messages as they enabled me to empower myself and regain some element of control at a frightening time in my life. The essence of the daily message was about how our beliefs and attitudes can affect and influence how we cope with, manage and recover from. So so helpful and uplifting!” Sabrina

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