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Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW) Follow Up Form (Counselling)

Meaningful Measures operates the licence for MYCaW and collects anonymised and non-identifiable data from all users around the world to create a database of anonymised concerns/symptoms/activities. This data collection helps organisations understand people’ needs. Your MYCaW data will be fully anonymised and sent securely ONLY to Meaningful Measures, for more information see their website: If you have any questions or concerns please email


PBUK MYCaW 2 - Counselling
AccessPlanIT ID

Please tick the relevant boxes below so we can understand more about the data collection:

I am a: (please select) *
This was completed: (please tick) *

Look at the concerns that you submitted last time.
Please rate to show how severe each concern or problem is now:

Concern or problem 1
(0 = Not bothering me at all and 6 = Bothers me greatly) *
Concern or problem 2
(0 = Not bothering me at all and 6 = Bothers me greatly)

How would you rate your general feeling of wellbeing now? (How do you feel in yourself?)

(0 = As good as it could be and 6 = As bad as it could be) *

Other things affecting your health

What has been most important for you?

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