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Medical Student Placements

Medical Student Placements WS

We work closely with the University of Bristol to offer their medical students clinical placements in Integrative Medicine (IM).

Using our Bristol Whole Life Approach as a framework, students explore the combination of conventional treatment with lifestyle approaches (such as nutrition, physical activity and stress management) and complementary therapies (such as acupuncture, reflexology and healing to support health and wellbeing).

Our placements are practical and experiential. Students learn a wide range of new skills that are useful in preventing and managing any long-term conditions, and can apply them to patients, families and themselves, whatever career path they follow.

Past placement components

  • Learn how to undertake holistic assessments
  • Observe Integrative doctor sessions
  • Learn about nutrition for health conditions through talks, observing individual nutritional consultations and witnessing a Healthy cooking demonstration
  • learn about complementary therapies through talks, observation and direct experience
  • Observe and take part in a psycho-educational self-management course for people with cancer
  • Hear patient and carer perspectives from people with lived experience of cancer
  • Assess their own resilience and self-care strategies
  • Experience and practice a variety of resilience-building self-care techniques
  • Take part in an experiential 2-day residential workshop on mindfulness and resilience for health professionals
  • Learn from our Research and Evaluation team how to find, analyse and review emerging evidence supporting integrative approaches, develop skills in critically appraising such evidence, and present it in both professional and patient-friendly formats
  • Attend a 2-day Foundation in Integrative Medicine course, run by the College of Medicine involving doctors and other clinicians who are national experts in the delivery of Integrative Medicine.

Penny Brohn UK staff and clients have also contributed to Central Teaching Days for medical students at the University Medical School.

What is Cancer?

Where PBUK staff and clients meet with students to discuss holistic perspectives alongside the conventional medical teaching on genetics, pathology, drugs, surgery and radiotherapy.

Talking about Dying

Where PBUK staff and clients meet with students to discuss; how people find realistic hope after a cancer diagnosis, how the Bristol Whole Life Approach can address psychological and physical problems near end of life and help them move more positively into both Living Well and Dying Well.

More Information

Find out more from University of Bristol Medical School administration teams or contact

“A placement that leaves you with a much wider understanding of what ‘medicine’ can stand for, and it provides you with an open-mindedness that will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Medical student, University of Bristol

“It’s taught me how to be a better and happier doctor and the important bits medical school doesn’t teach you.”

Medical student, University of Bristol

“It makes you aware that patients need more than a medication to help heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually”

Medical student, University of Bristol

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’ve loved every minute of it and am going to miss Penny Brohn so much. This has been my favourite thing from medical school hands down.”

Medical student, University of Bristol

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