We need to know and understand your experiences of Penny Brohn UK and the impact our services have had. This means we can continue to develop and improve what we offer to help support people to live well with cancer. By taking part in this evaluation you are making a real difference to what we do.

The evaluation looks at how helpful participants think the course is and shows us how it can be improved. Your feedback is very important as it helps Penny Brohn UK ensure it provides the best service possible to people with cancer and their supporters.

The evaluation also collects data from participants about the impact of the course: how much difference taking part has made to you. We collect data before and after the course so that we can look at what has changed for you and what difference the course has made. This information is invaluable for Penny Brohn UK as it enables us to demonstrate to supporters and funders the importance of our services for those living with the impact of cancer.

More information about the key tools we use to measure the impact of our services and previous evaluation reports can be found here.

Everyone attending a Living Well course will be sent the following questionnaires:

  • One short questionnaire (made up of three sections) before you come on the course (taking around 10 minutes to fill in). Please complete this before you come on your course. Normally this questionnaire is sent via email.
  • One questionnaire (made up of four sections) 6 weeks after your course (taking around 20 minutes of your time to fill in). Normally this questionnaire is sent via email.

Some courses are evaluated in more detail – if you attend one of these courses, and have provided Research & Evaluation consent, you will be sent a paper-based questionnaire 6 weeks after the course rather than by email. This can be returned using the FREEPOST envelope that will be provided.

We may also contact you as part of our longer term evaluation of the Living Well course, to see how you are getting on in the future and if you have any additional feedback.

We would like you to answer all the questions and to be completely honest, there are no right or wrong answers. If you feel unhappy about answering any of the questions then you can leave them out.

We want to make sure all our clients are included in the evaluation. If you have any specific needs that make it difficult for you to complete the questionnaires please get in touch with the Research & Evaluation team (contact details below). The questionnaire could be completed over the phone, or a large print version could be sent to you.

The Research & Evaluation team will analyse all the completed questionnaires and use the information to write regular reports for Penny Brohn UK and occasionally external funders.

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and treated anonymously. No details included in any report will identify you. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else. All data use strictly complies with our privacy policy.

No, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to take part. If you do decide to take part and complete one questionnaire but then change your mind about completing the follow-up questionnaire that is fine. You are free to stop at any time without giving a reason and no questions will be asked if you stop. Whatever your decision, the support you receive from Penny Brohn UK will not be affected in any way.

We hope that as many clients as possible will take part, including those with a cancer diagnosis and those who are supporting someone close to them who has cancer. This helps to ensure our services are relevant for all groups of people.

If you have any queries at all about the evaluation, or need any help completing the questionnaires, please contact the Research & Evaluation team at research@pennybrohn.org.uk or call 0303 3000 118.

Thank you!