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GenesisCare Partnership

GenesisCare and Penny Brohn UK Partnership

Penny Brohn UK and GenesisCare launched a partnership in 2013 with a shared vision to help people with cancer live the best life possible, by providing more than medicine. Together with other supportive care, such as exercise medicine, we want to help you feel healthier, more in control, and more resilient.

Who are GenesisCare?

GenesisCare is the UK’s leading independent providers of advanced and innovative cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Theranostics. It currently operates 14 specialist oncology outpatient centres across the country, including Europe’s most advanced radiotherapy treatment centre at Cromwell Hospital in London. With a focus on evidence-based therapies GenesisCare pioneers’ treatment on state-of-the-art machinery and patient pathways including the MRIdian MR Linac and SABR (stereotactic ablative radiotherapy). GenesisCare’s goal is to change the way people experience cancer care. They understand what it takes to achieve the best possible life outcomes and go a little further to provide it. They are consistently rated over 90% for patient satisfaction.

GenesisCare is the only independent cancer care provider in the UK to embed a specialist wellbeing service within their clinical care pathway – and to fully fund it for all their patients, through our unique partnership.

How it works at GenesisCare

GenesisCare and Penny Brohn UK work together to provide personalised complementary and wellbeing therapies tailored to your needs. When you are referred to GenesisCare, you’ll be assigned a Penny Brohn Wellbeing Consultant. You’ll have a holistic needs assessment with your Wellbeing Consultant to reflect on what your strengths are and where you might need help. This enables you to identify what concerns you most about your diagnosis, treatment and general wellbeing. From this, together with your care team, we’ll design a series of therapies that aim to alleviate your concerns and improve your quality of life.

This might include a range of complementary and wellbeing therapies including acupuncture, counselling, mindfulness meditation, reflexology, relaxation and group-based wellbeing and experience sharing. You’ll be offered a series of wellbeing sessions fitted in around your treatments, all on-site at your chosen GenesisCare centre.

Penny Brohn UK has developed the evidence-based Bristol Whole Life Approach that addresses each part of a person — the mind, body, spirit and emotions — recognising that they are all interconnected and work together to support the immune system.
Research shows that emotions like fear, anger and shock may increase stress and result in the immune system not working at its best. We can’t eliminate these natural emotions from our lives, but Penny Brohn UK can help you find ways to manage them.

Wellbeing Consultant Appointment Ratings
GC and PBUK Stats

“The holistic caring approach by Penny Brohn staff as part of an integrated cancer treatment package within the GenesisCare centre was extremely beneficial, supportive and helpful”

Patient, GenesisCare Oxford

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