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Victory in the Penny Brohn Garden

It’s VE Day and amongst all the victory celebrations, the Penny Brohn UK garden is thriving and slowly going back to nature.

The weeds have loved the recent rain and are trying hard to take over but nature also does lovely things – the cowslips have jumped across the path and are spreading fast, bluebells have popped up inside the toadstool circle and there is a strong little purple hazel seedling right down in the wood. Whilst the meadow is still full of Pheasant’s Eye narcissus and the star of the show at the moment is the wedding cake viburnum at Bright’s Patch.

To add to this, the bees are reported to be thriving with a nice fat queen in their midst. They’re having a wonderful time among all the weeds and wildflowers, which is a victory of nature’s making!

All the trees are looking great, such a lovely time of year when the new foliage is opening fresh and bright green. Among the wildlife friendly patch of nettles and brambles near the apiary, the two young spindle trees are growing strongly.

One member of the team has taken the time to clean and oil the floor of the Cedar House, and it looks magnificent as you can see in the photo.

Yesterday there were lots of jackdaws bobbing about among the dark blue camassias in the meadow and the ravens were busy flying back and forth, probably feeding young ones by the sound of the excitement coming from the nest.

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