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Guest Garden Blog: A spring tour of the Garden

It is fair to say that Penny Brohn’s garden is truly a safe-haven for anyone who chooses to visit it. I was lucky enough to be shown around it by Liz Moore, one of our dedicated Garden Team volunteers. When entering the room where the team was having their lunch break I became surrounded by laughter and warmth. The room had a true family feel, and the time and effort that was being taken to consider each aspect of the grounds was evident in the conversations that were taking place.

Upon entering the grounds, I was met with a vegetable garden filled to the brim with collard greens that were ripe for picking. The greens would soon all be replaced with herbs, to be usGuest Garden Blog: A spring tour of the Garden

ed for teas and recipes in the Penny Brohn UK kitchen, also allowing for visitors to take their own if they so desire.

Continuing on, the Lavender Garden was being refurbished at the time of my visit. Several volunteers were hard at work tending to the grounds. As spring time is now fast approaching, the mauve colours of the garden are beginning to come through. A budding Magnolia tree caught my attention in the open area that followed. and was adding a rosy hue to the surroundings.

Blooming bluebells surrounded the Woodland area. Grabbing large bunches of them by the roots, volunteers were replanting them around the grounds. Walking down the wooden steps I was told that these were recently put in for a smoother journey through the garden. A weeping birch was standing wistfully on the side of the path, where you could enjoy exploring its’ canopy as you walked. I was informed that this is many people’s favourite, as the trunk holds attention-grabbing patterns which become more intricate the closer you looked.

The apiary was next on the tour, springtime bringing the bees out of their hives. Peter, the Beekeeper was wearing a full-suit and tending to his work when we arrived. The little insects were busy entering and exiting their homes, carrying pollen from the flowers situated all around the garden.

Guest Garden Blog: A spring tour of the Garden

During the summer, you are able to see them at work through a contained glass-door hive on our open days. Finally, we reached the Cedar Garden. The bright colours have begun to spread, even as early as the beginning of March.

Early spring is an exceptional time to visit the garden. You have the chance to see everything flourish and bloom; blissfully leading us towards the summer.

Peter has followed up our tour with an update from the Bees, which you can read here.

Rachel Ratcheva, Social Media & PR Volunteer

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