Our late flowering plants continue to provide lots of colour especially in the Cedar Garden despite a distinct feel and look in the gardens this Autumn.

Over the last few years, new plants of all kinds, trees and shrubs have been added to give more colour and interest throughout the year. Have you  seen the holly berries out now? They are in at least 3 different places. The   slightly wilder area just beyond the old gazebo is coming into its own now, looking very mature even though only planted in last couple of years –  the Spindleberry, with its bright pink and orange berries  and Black Elder with abundant, glossy dark purple berries  are looking particularly good just now. Do take a look, taking care on the grassy slope. This section of the garden was once a rubbish tip, look at it now ! It is a very special place with lovely views of the river and a secluded, private are for contemplation.



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