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A huge thank you from Laura for your support

In 2018 Laura shared her story with us and with your help raised over £14,000. On New Year's Day we received this very special message from Laura.

The money raised from Laura's appeal can help 75 people to live well with cancer by helping them to take control of their health and wellbeing.

In 2018 many of you inspired by Laura’s story, gave a gift in response to her determination to take back control of her health and wellbeing – to make the most of life – whilst living with cancer.

As a normally fit and energetic person, Laura instinctively knew that something was wrong when she was unable to perform simple physical activity, like climbing the stairs or walking the dog. After a lot of worry and many visits to doctors she was finally diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma.

Laura was scared and felt very alone. Despite having a large circle of friends and a close family, she found it very difficult to discuss her feelings and to talk about her cancer diagnosis and its impact on her life.

Laura is not alone. We know that over 50% of people, newly diagnosed with cancer, have unmet emotional and spiritual needs. Needs that may require more than medicine to be able to live well. At Penny Brohn UK, we offer one to one services to help meet these needs. For Laura, this was simple nutritional advice as well as therapies such as acupuncture, and tools to help with meditation and mindfulness. These were some of the things she needed to get through her darkest times.

Today Laura is fit and healthy and spent this Christmas 2018 in Australia with her family, including her newborn niece. She is a very proud first-time auntie! We are thrilled to have been a part of Laura’s journey to recovery.

Thank you, on behalf of Laura and everyone at Penny Brohn UK, for your continued support.

Laura P - Appeal

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