If you’ve attended one of our Introduction Days, Living Well courses or Treatment Support Clinics and you live within easy distance of our National Centre, we offer a number of regular activities.

Like much of what we do, the activities focus on managing stress, staying active and eating well. They’re great for keeping you motivated, making new friends and maintaining your connection to Penny Brohn.

Creative Activity Sessions

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Physical Activity Sessions

What’s on?

Relaxation, Meditation and Healing

What’s on?

Join our choir

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More groups and activities

What’s on?

“The choir is the highlight of my week and never fails to lift my spirits, whatever sort of week I’ve had.”

To find out more you can call our services team on 0303 3000 118.

To find out about our fundraising activities click here or contact Emma Smith on 01275 370 075.

All our services are offered free of charge. We welcome your donations to help us support as many people as possible living with cancer.