“Penny Brohn taught me how to slow down, to live in the moment, and how not to rush back to whatever this normal was that I was chasing”
– Kate

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Location: National Centre

In partnership with The Bodyworks Project we’re offering gym based physical activity advice and programmes to support you at all stages of the cancer care pathway. This includes Drop in Clinics, 1 to 1 or pairs training sessions and small group classes.

Being active before, during and after treatment can:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Reduce recurrence risk
  • Help look after your heart
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Strengthen your muscles, joints and bones
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your confidence and sense of control

Drop in Clinics: Monday at 4.00pm or Friday at 2.00pm
Come along to the gym for a chat with Alisa or to ask any questions you have around being active.

1 to 1 (or pairs training)*: Monday, Thursday or Friday
Establish a safe and effective tailored physical activity programme to build or maintain different aspects of strength and fitness, for weight management or improving how you feel. Bring along a family member, supporter or someone you have met with a similar diagnosis.

Small group classes: Monday at 12.00pm or Friday at 11.30am
This physical activity group includes circuit style exercise classes for anybody living with cancer and their supporters.  Focussing on different aspects of fitness and always finishing with a good stretch and some moments of relaxation.  A great way to enjoy meeting new people going through a similar journey.

To book call 0303 3000 188 or email bookings@pennybrohn.org.uk.

*Fees for 1 to 1 sessions may be payable. Please contact us for further information.

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