We offer a number of courses at our National Centre. They’re open to anyone affected by cancer – including those in a close supporting role.

Residential courses

Our en-suite double bedrooms offer a relaxing space and our Nurse therapist is available should you require support during your stay.

All our services are offered free of charge with the exception of our 5 day Retreat, which we offer at a supplemented rate. We welcome your donations to help us continue to support as many people living with cancer as possible.

Living Well

Find out more about our popular Living Well with the Impact of Cancer course, available at both our National Centre and locations throughout the UK.

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Reconnect with the Bristol Whole Life Approach

A restorative experience intended to boost your resilience and meet others who have been through similar experiences.

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Step back from the pressures of daily life and reflect on your own needs and resources.

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Non-residential courses

Most of our one-day, non-residential courses are designed for those already familiar with our services. They build on what you’ve already learnt previously, making the information personal to you.

Introduction to Penny Brohn

A short course to introduce you to the basics of the Bristol Whole Life Approach.

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Nutrition services and support

It’s not just what you eat but also how you eat that makes a difference to how you feel.

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Mindfulness days

An eight-week mindfulness course of weekly sessions lasting 2-3 hours, a meditation retreat day and a follow up session a month later.

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Move Dance Feel

An innovative dance project helping women affected by cancer to reconnect with their bodies and access group support.

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Bodyworks Project

Exercise programmes for anybody living with cancer and their supporters, focussing on different aspects of fitness and some moments of relaxation.

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Can’t get to us?

The Tim Tiley Bursary Fund awards travel bursaries for clients in need of financial support to get to the National Centre. If you are unable to get to the National Centre and would like to attend a course here, please contact us on 0303 3000 118 or email info@pennybrohn.org.uk to ask for details.