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If you’re struggling with symptoms or side effects, or you have a difficult decision to make about treatment and want some expert advice, our Lead Doctor and team have the time to explain how cancer develops, and what you can do to maximise the treatment you get from your NHS team. For many, this is a unique opportunity to talk to someone who understands both the medical world and the value of complementary approaches.

“I had a phone consultation with Dr. Zollman and want to express just how helpful this was. Dr. Zollman was able to give me very valuable pointers on unanswered questions surrounding my post-operative diagnosis and a balanced view of treatments that I knew other patients had found helpful.

I am following a holistic post-operative approach, using both prescribed meditation and spiritual healing, as well as making dietary changes and undertaking my own research. However, there is still a real need for people to be able to speak to a professional with a breadth of knowledge, so that they are fully informed – even if it simply confirms something you already knew! Dr. Zollman covered a lot in a short time, in good depth, and I applaud this service – long may it continue to benefit cancer ‘recoverers’. My sincere thanks.” – Julia, 2018

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