Self Care Toolbox

Join us to learn and practice some gentle and effective self-care techniques that you can use at any time.

Each week, complimentary therapists from a wide range of practices demonstrate simple self-care techniques to help support overall wellbeing.


Every Tuesday - New Start Time 12pm - 60 mins

Upcoming dates

12th Jan - Kundalini with Candace Blair (New Start Time 12pm)

We are delighted to welcome Candace Blair from Soul Fire Social for a deep meditative journey. Together, Candace will take you on a guided journey using our breath to release unwanted energy and emotions. Then, you will be invited to simply lie back and receive the healing powers of the crystal singing bowls as she pays the notes through the chakras (your internal energetic fields) to shift stale energy, remove blocks, relax the mind and truly shift the brain into an integrative and deep meditative state. It is time for you to relax & receive the goodness! Love & Light.

19th Jan - Markus 'Shiatsu and Movement - with Markus Heimpel'

 ‘We will be exploring 'self–shiatsu', connecting with and stimulating Acupressure points and meridian energy path ways; finding our own movement expression to tune into their energetic quality; to help us to nurture our sense of wellbeing'. 

 This month session will explore the restorative qualities of the water element, to help us tune into the winter's energy, enable us to rest deeper and recharge our batteries. 

Could you please bring a scarf, shawl or blanket which you could wrap around your midline? 

Markus has been offering Shiatsu and relaxation at PB for 11 years. 

He combines his experience of Shiatsu and movement practices (Gi gong, Yoga and more self-expressive dance practices) to encourage a deepening of body awareness and authentic movement expression. 


Please register here in advance for Your Self-Care Toolbox, once you have registered once you may join as many sessions as you wish.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the session. Remember to make a note of the time or add it to an e-calendar and set a reminder.

Led by experienced PB living well facilitators. Bring a cup of your favourite comforting brew and find a cosy space to relax.