Living with cancer can leave us feeling lonely and isolated which can have a serious impact on our overall wellbeing. We believe that no one should go through cancer alone and have developed a combination of living well services to help you feel less alone and more connected.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests harnessing the power of community can improve our overall sense of health and wellbeing particularly for those facing illness.  Feeling empowered to talk about your feelings is an important part of the healing process both emotionally and physically.

If you’re feeling alone and struggling to cope with your cancer diagnosis we’re here to help. Our whole person approach to cancer support gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with others in similar situations and spend time with a trained counsellor.

A combination of living well services to help you tackle feelings of loneliness and isolation includes:

  • treatment support clinic;
  • residential courses;
  • weekly peer support groups such as Nordic Walking and Yoga;
  • counselling

For more information on our living well services please call our Helpline on 0303 3000 118 or email

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