Integrative doctor support

The Penny Brohn UK team of integrative doctors are all GPs with extensive experience of integrative approaches to cancer.

A one-to-one appointment can help you understand more about what cancer is:

  • How treatments work and what to expect.
  • How to use complementary approaches to support or recover from treatment.
  • Discuss health concerns you may have.

Please note that our 30 minute doctor’s appointments are only available to those living with, or supporting someone with a diagnosis of cancer.

We cannot diagnose or investigate the possibility of cancer. Any advice provided is supplementary to, and does not replace, advice given by a healthcare team.

We offer several telephone and Zoom consultations each week for those experiencing difficult side effects or limitations because of their cancer or cancer treatment, and require personalised support that is not best met in a group setting.

Who are they suitable for?

Individual consultations are available to those living with cancer or supporting loved ones with cancer.

They are particularly suited to:

  • Those with a recent diagnosis who would like to discuss how integrative approaches can support or enhance their treatment plan.
  • Anyone undergoing or recovering from treatment.
  • Those living with, or supporting loved ones with, advanced cancers.
  • Anyone experiencing considerable distress or anxiety because of their own or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis.

How do I access this?

Consultations that can be booked through our client support team

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