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Dining Room

The dining room at our centre is open Tuesday and Thursday from 12.30-2pm (days and times may vary on occasions).

Dining at our centre can be so much more than just having lunch though, it’s an experience! Why not make it part of a bigger visit – our doors will be open to welcome you on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

Our talented Head Chef Emma Liddington will serve fresh, handmade, seasonal, healthy and nutritious lunches to clients, supporters, external visitors and the local community.

Our menus are unique to Penny Brohn UK and are proof that food that helps us to live well and support our immune systems can also be extremely delicious and satisfying!

Whether you fancy a therapeutic stroll around our beautiful gardens, a browse in our visitors centre which contains lovely things to purchase and lots of information, some reflective time in the sanctuary, a cuppa in a comfy chair or a quiet read in the library, we will be delighted to see you. We know many of you gain so much just from the sense of peace and calm that the Centre offers and we are thrilled that we can share this special space again.

We have a designated a table in the Dining Room as a Friendship Table, a place where people can meet new friends, relax and enjoy the moment. We appreciate that many of our clients miss being with others in similar situations to themselves and we hope that by doing this we are creating a space to enable these valuable connections.

In line with current government guidelines, the wearing of facemasks is no longer mandatory, but personal choice. In order to continue to keep our visitors as safe as possible, we would still encourage the use of hand sanitiser upon entering the building and whilst not mandatory, we highly recommend that you do a lateral flow test on the morning of your visit.

We want everyone who visits to enjoy the experience and to feel as safe and relaxed as possible. We have a spacious environment with plenty of ventilation and outside space. With your help we can continue to keep Penny Brohn UK a safe space to visit.

Dining Experience


Tues - Soup, Salad & Side Main - £10 per person or Soup & Salad - £8 per person

Thurs - Main £10 per person

Any last-minute requests can be considered, but not guaranteed, by calling our Centre Manager Dida Moore on 01275 370107 or email diningroom@pennybrohn.org.uk

The menu below will be updated every week.

Please scroll down to make a reservation. Reservations must be made by 12:30pm the day before your booking.

The dining room will only be open on a Thursday throughout August.

Thurs 18 Aug

Celeriac and coconut soup.

Fresh granary.

Roasted vegetable rice salad with peppers, courgettes, red onion, sweet potato and fresh basil and pumpkin seeds.

Greek style salad with feta, fresh mint, and olives.

Mixed leaves and dressing.

Side Main
Dhal with fresh spinach and garlic chives.

Sweet treat and herbal.


I create delicious healthy menus in a home cooked style. It is all about the freshness here in Penny Brohn kitchen. Each menu is carefully created to accommodate all dietary requirements and most importantly always considering the nutritional values, whilst remaining incredibly delicious and indulgent. Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Emma Liddington, Head Chef, Penny Brohn Kitchen

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You can also reserve a place by emailing diningroom@pennybrohn.org.uk

Reservations must be made by 12:30pm the day before your booking.

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Dining Experience
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