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Join us this October and Stomp – your way – for loved ones living with the devastating impact of cancer

Stomp is unable to go ahead as normal this year  so we’re bringing you Stomp – your way – a remote event where you select your challenge.

All you need to do is Pick your challenge > Sign up > Get Fundraising

Step one: Choose one of the options below

Option 1

Stomp 4 miles in a location of your choice on October 11th. You could even add a twist; why not do it backwards, whilst singing, on a skateboard or tied to a friend like a three legged race? Gather your family and friends and go explore the great outdoors while raising money for people with cancer.

Option 2

Want more of a challenge? Walk 40 miles in the month of October to celebrate 40 years of Penny Brohn UK. You could do this over one weekend or by walking 1.3 miles every day. We’re super proud to have been here for 40 years and this one – off challenge is a great way to celebrate with us!

Step 2: Sign up below and get your family and friends to join you

Step 3: Set up your fundraising page

Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Yet cancer isn’t stopping. More people than ever need our help and we urgently need to raise money to continue to support them.

With appointments and treatments postponed and the ongoing threat of the virus, many people with cancer are now really frightened. And, for many months to come will remain scared, lonely and in many cases isolated from family and friends as they continue to shield to stay safe. You can help change this.

We’re here to make sure people can live as positively as possible whilst navigating those impacts. With your help we can support more people than ever.

This year is Penny Brohn’s 40th birthday and by raising £40 you can play a dramatic role in supporting someone with cancer. £40 would allow 9 people to receive 1:1 counselling, doctors consultations, nutritional support and so much more.

If you would like to join us this October and Stomp to support a loved one with cancer, please sign up below.

You can fundraise on Facebook or Justiving. To set your up today click the links below:

Fundraise on Facebook

Fundraise on Justgiving

If you or a loved one would like to access our cancer support services please click here.

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