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9.30am          Reception and registration

10.00am       Welcome

10.15am         The nutritional rationale and available seaweed species
Seaweed uses – traditional and modern
Available species for nutritional therapy and their production
Summary of health benefits, science, and protocols for use (Simon Ranger – Founder Sea Greens Trust)

11.30am          Break – seaweed tea and smoothies, nuts, seeds, seaweed snacks

11.45am          Cookery demonstration (Victoria Kubiak Penny Brohn

1.00pm           Lunch

2.15pm            Seaweed nutrition research 2008-2017, UK and international (Simon Ranger – Founder  Sea Greens Trust)

3.15pm            Break – seaweed tea and snacks

3.30pm           Open discussion (wider nutritional uses of seaweed including pets gardening).

4.15pm            Final questions

4.30pm           Close


seagreensSimon Ranger formed Seagreens in 1997, an Anglo-Scandinavian joint venture which developed award-winning production in Scotland and elsewhere in the British Isles and Nordic region. Most recently Nutritious Food Seaweed, a certification scheme introduced by the Biodynamic Association and Simon’s brainchild, sets the standard of wild seaweed ingredients for nutrition, healthcare and the food industry. Through ‘brand partnerships’, Seagreens® ingredients are used by organic producers like Bart Ingredients, Clearspring, Pukka Herbs and Viridian Nutrition and are the subject of published research. As well as these commercial activities, Simon set up Probono, an international organisation to balance business and human development in and between corporate cultures at the London Business School in 1990. In 2010 he set up the Seaweed Health Foundation for standards, research and education on seaweed for the western diet. Simon lives in West Sussex, England where he is restoring a Victorian estate for biodynamic horticulture, Japanese mushrooms and natural bee-keeping. Simon can be contacted at post@seagreens.co.uk | www.seagreens.co.uk

Victoria Kubiak‘s initial training was in agriculture and home economics.  In 1997 she trained as an aroma therapist and went on to qualify in allergy therapy and optimum nutritional counselling in 1998 and 2001.  She now specialises in nutritional therapy with kinesiology to look at specific food intolerances.

She has a special interest in educating on healthy eating and making nutritional background come alive on the plate.

She joined Penny Brohn UK in 2001 and also runs busy clinics in Bristol and Clevedon, covering all age groups and often helping a complete family find their potential for optimum wellbeing.

Qualifications:  NCAHE, Dip ONC, Dip allergy, APNT Aroma

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