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Anyone For-tea?

What is For-Tea?  

This September we’re launching For-Tea. A tea party with a difference.

We’re asking you to help us celebrate 40 years of the charity. 40 years of helping people live well with cancer. By raising much needed funds today you will ensure that we continue to be there for people with cancer, now, and in the future.


For-Tea is running throughout September. Pick a date that works for you and away you go…


Do it your way. Host it online or socially distanced

Decide how you’ll fundraise. You can be as imaginative as you like with your fundraising ideas.


Even amidst a loving family or in a crowd of friends, cancer is lonely. Very lonely. Coronavirus now leaves people with cancer doubly impacted. They are trying to stay safe and this can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness and cancer diagnosis and treatments are being delayed with the NHS under growing pressure from a back log. And, we’re seeing an increase in demand for our services. We urgently need to raise more funds to keep these services going.

By taking part in For-tea you can help someone feel more connected and less alone. All the money you raise will support our online services and self-care resources for anyone affected by cancer.

Together, let’s change life with cancer. For good

Everything you need for your For-Tea Party


We’ve got you covered with everything to help you celebrate our For-Tea-th birthday.

Cake doesn’t have to be naughty – why not check out our Delicious but Nutritious recipe cards?

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