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Stone painting

Explore your creative side and try some stone painting.

A fun thing to do for all the family is painting pebbles or stones. You may have some pebbles lying around from a past family holiday or maybe you can find some in your garden?  Wherever you find them, here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Use soap and water to clean off any dirt and grime.
  • You may need to buff away any rough edges (sandpaper, a scourer?)
  • It’s best to use a pencil and some scrap paper to plan out the design(s) first before you start to paint straightaway (tempting as it is).
  • Then copy that design onto the stone using waterproof paint. Acrylic is best but if you haven’t got any, you might have some leftover decorating paint or even some nail varnish?
  • The finishing touch to make your stones look extra special is to try varnishing them too. Spray varnish works best but if you don’t have that, normal household varnish will also work.

Whether you have just one beautifully painted stone or a collection, you can now display your handiwork on a windowsill, use as a doorstop, decorate your garden or just laid out on a tray to admire.

Another idea to try out is to create a treasure hunt in your garden with your beautifully painted stones to entertain the family.

Happy painting!

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