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Macrame hanging pot holder

How about perking up the plant life in your home with this retro project?   Macrame, once very popular in the 70s, is experiencing a come-back. 

Macrame is easier than it looks and you can really apply your creative flair – go on, give it a try.

What you need:

  • Wool (something strong) but maybe think about using different colours, as this makes it more interesting

  • Scissors

  • 1 plant pot

  • Beads (optional)


  • Cut 8 pieces of wool, each about 4m in length, and one more piece about 40cm. If you would like to use multiple colours as in the images, plait three strands of wool together eight times.

  • Fold each of the longer pieces of wool and group all the folds together (image below).








  • Then create a loop by wrapping the smaller piece of wool around the grouped threads several times and tie firmly (image below).







  • Divide the 8 pieces of hanging wool into 4 pairs.


  • About 20cm blow the top loop, take the first two threads and knot them together. Repeat for each pair.

  • Then take the right hand thread from the first pair and further down knot it with the left hand thread from the second pair. Repeat for each thread until each thread is tied to another.


  • Repeat the process down the length of the wool. The bigger you make the gaps between the knots, the more space you’ll have for the pot.

  • Test for size with your plant pot before tying a secure large knot with the threads underneath the pot.

  • To finish off, you could add a bead(s) and then neaten up the ends with scissors.

  • You can be as colourful and playful as you wish. If you don’t have any string or wool lying around, you could re-cycle unwanted t-shirts cut into strips making the finished item truly unique.

Have fun and send us any pictures of your finished pot hanger :-)

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