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Garden Plant Pot Painting

Whether you have a windowsill, a balcony or a garden, painting plant pots is easy and fun and something you could have a go at?

Only a few materials are needed and then you can let your creativity go wild.

If you’d like to have a go, here is some guidance to help you.

  • It’s usually best to start with an un-glazed pot to make the preparation work easier (plain terracotta pots are ideal)
  • Firstly wash them over with a cloth and leave them to dry before you start
  • Whilst they are drying, rummage through your cupboards/garage/shed to see if you have any leftover (external) paint lying around – maybe some tester pots for example?
  • You might want to think about where you are going to do the painting and protect the area from any splashes and spills (newspaper or a dust sheet will do fine).  Plus, maybe an apron/old clothing to protect yourself too!
  • To give an even painting surface and to help the paint ‘stick’ it’s best to rub the pots all over with something rough like sand paper or a scourer.  Then given them another wipe over to remove any dust.
  • Now for your design – We would recommend you mark it first in pencil to limit any mistakes!  You can paint any design you wish but simple more graphic designs probably have more impact.
  • Once you’re happy with the pencil design, you can then let loose with the colours.
  • Leave them to dry naturally and ………… ta dah!

These lovely pots were done by Dida, our Centre Manager.  These were a first attempt for her too, and we think they look great.

Even if you leave the pot empty,  you will still be able to admire it and it is unique to you.

Do send us any photos of anything you wish to share to and have fun :-)


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