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Darning is something few of us take the time to do but it can be very satisfying especially if you have favourite woollies (warm cosy socks, a lovely sweater that someone gave you) that you want to rescue.

Maybe now is the time to give it a go?

This is what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread that matches the garment (unless you want to pimp up your clothing!)
  • Sewing needle (you can get special darning needles but any needle with a hole large enough to take the wool will do).
  • Darning egg (or be resourceful and use something like a condiment jar?)

NB. You can choose to either sew on the right side of the garment or turn it inside out (the latter is more invisible).


  • Start a little to the side of the hole, and using small running stitches, start sewing vertically.
  • As you get to the hole, your stitches over the hole will be long. Try thinking about these stitches bridges over the hole.
  • Keep going until you have covered the hole, and done some more stitches on the other side of the hole for reinforcement
  • Now, turn your hole 90 degrees so that you are now weaving in and out of the long (bridge) stitches. It is a simple weave (just under and over every other stitch)
  • Fasten your thread by doing three small stitches in the fabric. Snip the thread with your scissors.

N.B. you could knot your thread when you are finished but it might be uncomfortable particularly if you are darning socks!

Here’s a pair that my daughter brought back from India for me so they are special as well as cosy (yak wool).  My mum showed me how to darn these, so I now know how (well, sort of !)

Now you can enjoy wearing your favourite woollies all over again.

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