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Sue’s story

After reading about Penny Brohn UK over the years, Sue knew that if she ever needed support, that is where she would go. So when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and didn't want to pass on the burden to her loved ones, she visited the centre for the first time.

"When I was in the darkest of places, earlier in 2017 – I knew Penny Brohn UK would be there for me."


When I was in the darkest of places, earlier in 2017 – I knew Penny Brohn UK would be there for me.

I have a brain tumour after thinking it was just a blocked sinus. It’s a case of wait and see if it grows, if it gives me any symptoms. If I have a fit, they will try to remove it. It’s like living with a time bomb.

My husband died a couple of years earlier, so there was no one to put their arm around me and say, “I’ll look after you – don’t worry”. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell my children at that stage. I wore a stiff upper lip.

I had, over the years, read about Penny Brohn UK and said to myself, if anything happens to me, it’s where I’ll go for support. The charity was beyond expectations and everyone says how understanding and kind a place it is.

The free courses were a revelation and a joy, hard but so skilfully facilitated. It woke me up to the many ways I can live life to the very best. If you don’t want to stay, but I know you will, there are day courses to sample the many things on offer.

The Centre offers great chances to eat delicious meals, relax in wonderful gardens, be kind to ourselves and share with others. I can see a future now, supported by Penny Brohn UK, and I thank the team, from the bottom of my heart, for the legacy they have left and all those who continue that legacy.

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