‘Roughty-Toughty’ Rich surprised by the gentle touch 

An ex-serviceman who describes himself as ‘the roughty-toughty type’, Rich never imagined he’d find what he needed at Penny Brohn UK.

Rich was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009 when what he’d thought was an ear infection turned out to be a tumour. Since then, he’s endured surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to beat tumours in his neck, lung and brain. And he’s the first to admit he wasn’t expecting to find help from us!

While Rich’s achievements and fortitude are extraordinary, at Penny Brohn UK, our aim is to show everyone how they can take back control of their health and wellbeing, and achieve a life lived well with cancer. Whether you’re feeling defiant or overwhelmed – or any stage in between – we’re told by almost everyone who comes through our doors in search of support for their life with cancer, that they found what they needed at Penny Brohn UK.

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